February 2019

Nuclear Reactors 657 - Congress Investigates Plans To Export Nuclear Technology To Saudi Arabia

        I have blogged before about the Saudi Arabian quest for nuclear power. Major suppliers of nuclear technology are competing to supply Saudi Arabia with nuclear power reactors. However, there are concerns that Saudi Arabia might turn nuclear technology towards the development of nuclear weapons. This is a major impediment to the export of U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

Radioactive Waste 381 - Radioactive Effluents From Nuclear Facilities On Coasts Are Blown Back Onto Land By Prevailing Winds

UK Sellafield.jpg


Sellafield Nuclear Facility

       There are a variety of problems involving nuclear power and water. One big issue is the fact that bodies of water are becoming too hot in some cases to be used to cool nearby nuclear reactors. Another problem is simply falling levels of water that are needed for cooling. Major hurricanes that might damage nuclear power plants are a third concern.

SpaceX Starlink Project Launching Thousands Of Satellites To Provide Internet Services

       Satellite have been used for communication for decades. Although there have been some attempts to provide Internet services via communication satellites, the technology was slow and expensive which limited its use. These satellites were in geosynchronous orbit which is twenty three thousand miles from the Earth.

Nuclear Reactors 656 - Why Saudi Arabia Should Not Get U.S. Help To Build Nuclear Power Reactors

       Saudi Arabia in very interested in purchasing nuclear power reactors. They say that they want to use nuclear power internally so they can export more of their oil for export profits. Major suppliers of nuclear technology around the world are in discussion with Saudi Arabia about supplying those desired reactors.